The Voice of Indigenous Peoples


YAKOANA has been screened around the world, earning awards at film festivals and enabling Indigenous Peoples to help communicate their point of view.

Winner or Nominee: International Independent Film Festival in Brussels,  Vermont International Film Festival, Green Extreme Film Festival, International Environmental Film Festival in Turkey, Red Earth American Indian Film Festival, International Film Festival of Nature and the Environment in France.

Screened at: Sierra Club Film Festival, Amnesty International Film Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, American Indian Film Festival, Honolulu Underground Film Festival, Houston Pan-Cultural Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Two Rivers Native Film & Video Festival, Vancouver City's Earth Day Celebration, Healing Our Spirits in New Zealand, United Nations Working Group of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, United Nations "Five Years in Review" Indigenous Caucaus, American Museum of Natural History in New York, Land Is Life International Conference, Whole Life Expo, Interfaith Center in San Francisco, Belonging to Mother Earth Indigeous Conference.

YAKOANA was Produced and Directed by Anh Crutcher Oppenheimer and
Edited by Vivien Hillgrove
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