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YAKOANA is the authorized documentary of The First World Conference of Indigenous Peoples held in the jungles of Brazil the week prior to the United Nations Earth Summit.  Attended by nearly 1,000 Tribal leaders from every continent on earth, YAKOANA captures the stories, music, ceremony and dance of this historic gathering.  YAKOANA tells the story of Native cultures, of their struggle for recognition and human rights, and of their ancient ways of living sustainably and in harmony with the earth.  It presents the Indigenous Peoples' world view which sees humanity as part of the sacred web of nature.

ya/ko/an/a  (n.): dust from the resin of the virola elongata tree used by Yanomami Shamans in ceremony to enable them to perceive the breath of the planet, the song of the earth.

"A very important work that brings us messages from the Indigenous Peoples themselves."  - Rainforest Action Network

"Eloquent and inspiring, a passionate and powerful message for the future of the planet."  Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Beautiful...it gives me hope..." - Conrad House, Dineh bi Keyah, Native American artist
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